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04 Home by Lauren Marsh…..sweet way to begin the day……

i know…i know…it’s been a while since last checking in with you….my sincere apologies

new adventures ahead so old monsters found hiding under the bed and they can be so bothersome….

But just in case you are rounding the final bend toward your Easter or your spring celebration and rather than arriving perfectly fitting into that new Easter finery…you find you can no longer even fit into your old Easter finery…

so…you don’t feel all that shiny and new…

please take a listen to the lovely voice and heart of miss lauren marsh singing her way to her true home…

“My broken heart doesn’t leave me in the dark.  It lights my way home.”

Sweet, true words….

What if you decided right now to only, finally believe…to know deep, deep in your gut where your truest home waits….what if, right this second…you just shut up your inner mean kid and believed you have always existed for one reason and for one reason only….to love and to be loved.

That’s it.  Cheesy, mushy blow you out of the water love.

And in that home built by love, there is absolutely not one single square inch of space available for judgment, bitterness, unkindness, hatred, arrogance, self righteousness, exclusion and on and on and on.

Oh, I know we church folk speak of such love all the time but, truth be told, we are the last people on earth to live it.

We are so incredibly hard on ourselves and so we are hard on everyone else cause we all know that “spiritual misery” loves misery more than any other kind of misery.

Suffering for Jesus…we say.

Bull crap.

Maybe your high and holy Lenten promises fell low and lousy within the first week.

And you have eaten shame and guilt every day since.

Seriously, do you really believe that is the message of resurrection and redemption?


Listen, friend….whatever your age, whatever you story…

There isn’t enough time left on your clock to waste one more minute on your personal vendetta to prove yourself worthy or unworthy or impressive or unimpressive or absolutely right or needing to be punished or barely adequate or just getting by….

And if you are living to only escape or avoid what you believe is humilating brokenness and unforgiveble failure….

listent again to sweet Lauren…

“My broken heart doesn’t lead me to darkness…It leads me home.”

Maybe it’s time to follow our broken heart cause brokenness opens up so much more room for love….and humility….and gratitude….and hope….than being right ever, ever did.

I don’t know.  Easter is crazy mysterious to me so the only thing I can figure out is love.

I’m too old to care about winning anymore.

I’m happy for you to win.

I’m happy for you, period.

I’m happy just to know you.

Who in the world am I to judge?

I’ll tell you what….if my brokenness can encourage you, can help free you of your misguided judgment of yourself or anyone else…welcome to my home.

It’s being flooded with light.

And that, for me, is the crazy mystery of Easter….even if I can’t fit into my splashy new Easter finery.


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