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Story Lines Coaching Partnership

We miss so much when we pick and choose to read only the chapters that seem most interesting or the least upsetting to us and so ignore the more challenging ones.

Knowing and celebrating your own story is the most fascinating and priceless gift you can give yourself and those you love. But, it can be hard work to unearth that story from years of denial or dismissal. In this partnership, we’ll explore rediscovering what’s always been true, how to own and celebrate the authenticity of your story by practicing daily journaling, how to record it as legacy for those most deserving of it as a gift.

This Partnership Includes:

  • Rediscovering what has always been true
  • Daily journaling
  • Celebration of your story
  • Recording your story by practicing the power of “Remembering”
  • Empower future generations

Includes: Two sessions per month for two months

Cost: $100.00 per month

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$200.00 for two months

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