A fresh and different coaching experience.

“Each day I see more people in need of a “life coach”.

There are so many voices influencing our decisions that we often neglect our own! Ruth Bresson has the unique capability to listen, accept and guide. She is able to express her compassion and her wisdom while giving practical alternatives to those ready to work on a more fulfilling life journey.”

– Joanne Soliday, Executive Vice President, Performa Higher Education

“Ruth Bresson is a gifted and intuitive coach…

…deeply committed to partnering with people toward self-discovery and life purpose!  Insightful and compassionate, she supports men and women to get “unstuck” and move forward in their lives with passion and clarity. I commend her and LifeQuest Personal Discoveries.”

–Jerome Daly, Motivational mentor and coach, Author of five books including, When God Waits, Speaker and Worship Leader

“I have known Ruth for approximately ten years …

…and I have served with her on staff at St. Mark’s Church for approximately five years. Ruth was and still is a “go to” person for me in many areas. Her coaching and counseling skills are tremendous and I can always count on Ruth to provide honest and helpful feedback on various decisions I have had to make. Along with that, her integrity is impeccable and even though we don’t work together on a daily basis anymore, she is still one of the first people I call when I need input from someone I can trust.”

Tim Riddle, Executive Pastor, St. Mark’s Church, Burlington, North Carolina

“Ruth is a rare person;

…the kind skilled helper and reliable friend that every person needs to have in their life. She graciously offers space where people can enter and find themselves free; free to disarm themselves, free to set aside their doubts and fears, their occupations and preoccupations and free to listen attentively and caringly to the voices speaking deep within their own life.”

Fil Anderson,Executive Director of Journey Resources, Speaker and Retreat Leader, Author of Running on Empty; and Breaking the Rules: Trading Performance for Intimacy with God.