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Complimentary 20 Minute Session

What is coaching?

Professional life coaching is an exciting, encouraging, non-judgmental partnership created between a certified coach and a willing client.

Unlike counseling which usually focuses on the healing of past events, coaching shines a laser like focus on what is current in the client’s life with an awareness of the context, both past and present. The client sets the agenda with the coach; identifying the area or areas that are most interesting and compelling. Once the focus is determined, both parties work together to create real life goals, next steps, and outcomes that can immediately be implemented and celebrated. The coaching partnership is one that includes a defined beginning and ending point with opportunities to remain connected as an ongoing support for the client as he or she lives out their chosen dreams and purpose.

If coaching is a new concept to you, please feel free to contact me for a personal, complimentary introductory phone call where we can specifically discuss how such a partnership could benefit your unique quest.

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