A fresh and different coaching experience.

Our clients are people just like you.

They come from all walks of life.
They find themselves in all sorts of seasons of life.
They have arrived at crossroads or transitions.

Though quite diverse, our clients share one commonality…they have all chosen to explore!

Our clients are risk takers and innovators. They exhibit a restless energy to honor a passion or stirring within themselves and commit to a process of shining a laser like beam on that passion.

With the skill of a surgeon, together we will dissect the essential from the non essential to better enable you to choose how to live that passion.  With directed exercises, focused coaching sessions, time ordered goals and accountability, you will conclude this coaching partnership  on your way to realizing and implementing your desired path.

As a result of coaching, many of our clients experience:

  • Significant and specific affirmation and encouragment for her indispensible value and worth as a person
  • A new sense of self respect and admiration
  • Clarity around goals and aspirations
  • Breakthroughs in roadblocks and obstacles
  • Healthy and productive life balance

As a client, you will receive a “vision story” of  your life being lived in exactly the way and means you have communicated your desire to do so as an ongoing statement of truth, strength, and confidence for you.

You will identify your core group of relationships - identifying the specific strength and gift from each one while also revealing the gaps in relationships that you long to enjoy and offer.

You will create a sustainable lifestyle that both honors your passion and purpose and acknowledges your vulnerabilities.

You will experience a renewal of energy from living an integrated life as opposed to a compartmentalized one.

You will engage in a process that helps to reveal your understanding of your personal spiritual life and how that understanding influences your view of  yourself. Once identified…those views can then be strengthened, made accurate, and embraced.

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