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Coming Home Coaching Partnership

Homelessness has become epidemic in our culture today. Perhaps more than any other social malady, the loss of “home” has deeply affected our very ability to know ourselves, our stories, our hearts.

But, what is equally as devastating is not only the physical loss of our homes as a growing reality for so many but also the psychological and emotional loss of our roots, our histories.

This singular loss has struck the very fiber of our identities. Whether as a result of divorce, death, job losses, downsizing, or the ongoing barrage of cultural pressure – we have lost our identities, our foundations - be we male or female -  as home builders, home lovers, and home keepers.

We may live in a castle or in a tiny shack by the sea, but we seem to have lost the heart of the home. We desperately need to reclaim the heart, the sure foundation, of our homes.

Won’t you join me in what could be your most revolutionary redesign project?

Includes:  Two sessions per month for three months

Cost –  Total – 6 sessions – $250

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