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Running Bridges Coaching Partnership

For some time now, I have been afraid of heights…including bridges. But, I have also learned that bridges are the connectors to so many places I long to go.

So, I am naming and running the bridges and amazingly, I have yet to fall off of a single one or have one collapse beneath me.  If you are sensing a “stuckness” on ground level due to fears, named and unnamed,  and long to cross into uncharted territory but need a guide, a map, a strategy let’s partner and craft your quest to name the bridge (your fears), own the run, and celebrate the new frontier you enter.

Includes: 2 coaching sessions per month for three months

Cost: Total of 6 sessions – $250

One Client’s Experience

“Ruth came into my life in a season of change for me. There were some new beginnings that God was allowing to happen and I had some fear. She listened to me, God gave her the unique ability to see into my heart at the root of the issue and she encouraged me to step out in faith, and because of it, I am forever changed. Had I allowed fear to discourage me, I would have missed the opportunity of the new chapter God had. Ruth helped me to embrace a new phase of my journey that required me to leave behind the familiar and embrace the new.”

–Corrie Guckenberger, Staff in Nigeria with Back2Back Ministries

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