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Questing…..may 28, 2010

today is the first day of the official memorial day weekend in our country….it is the weekend set aside so that we might pause from our ever busy, bustling lives and reflect and remember that some incredible men and women took a bullet so we could fire up that barbecue, fill up that pool, and invite whoever the heck we want to…when we want to….to the party….

so i went for my usual early morning run….

and these thoughts occurred to me….

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Welcome to my back porch

If you are reading these words, then please allow me to personally welcome you to my back porch and offer you a hot cup of coffee or cold glass of sweet southern iced tea.

Having just met, we may not yet know one another all that well and so may have no idea what has drawn us together.

That’s okay.

Let me introduce myself and then please feel free to do likewise.