A fresh and different coaching experience.

I am a southern girl who craves snow.

I  crave the bold, beautiful invitation to escape  from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

I have never lost my childlike love of snowflakes falling from dark skies.

So, I am missing snow alot this winter and the sacred stillness it offers.

Imagine each of us waking this morning with our park benches beckoning us to a bleak but beautiful black and white stillness.

Imagine accepting such an invitation.

So, that’s just what I think I will do.  Accept February’s invitation to stillness – with or without real snow.

I’ve allowed so much noise in my life that I’ve sorely missed the stillness.

I  talk way too much.

I am a wordy person.

Yet,  I say I  want to “live from my heart.”

Seriously?  Have I any idea how to hear my heart?

So, I thought I would turn the tables on myself.  I have signed up to be coached.  By me – cause  I have nothing left to prove to myself.

And I know when I’m lying.

And I’m affordable.

Every  step I ask my clients to take, I will take.

So….yesterday I spent a good part of the day answering  the introductory questionaire I give to my clients.

I’ve previously completed it but it was a slightly doctored version for my first lifecoach caused I really wanted him to like me.

So, I had to glitter up some otherwise embarrassing chapters.

It took alot of  time for me to sit still on that park bench so I could hear what I had avoided for so long.

I started  with the easy, obvious stuff.  The annoying habits.  The dysfunctional thinking.  The pound bag of m&m’s. The sloppy office space.  The procrastination.  The grudges. You know…stuff like that.

I’ve spent a life time working hard on those behaviors and habits  ’cause I believed that’s what mattered.  But, after all that concentration and resolutions and counseling and hard work, that stuff hasn’t changed all that much.

What remains are questions….lots of them….

What am I thinking when I justify doing or saying something I don’t even agree with or know I will  regret or will cause me or someone else suffering?

What’s up with that?

Truth be told, I want a silver bullet – a quick fix – to feel better and to tidy up my mess.

And, until I find that silver bullet, I choose to manage the mess.  I choose…..

So, today I am being still on my park bench.

There are habits I want to change or stop altogether.

There are no excuses not to do so right now.

I have hired a coach to run the miles with me.

I know I will want to quit. Give myself an out.

I am prone to conclude that it is too late…..that I am too old.

My coach will remind me to read what I have written in stark black and white.  Like snow.

To just keep going.

If you’re interested, I promise to be honest about this journey.

Is it worth it?

Is it harder than I thought?

Would I recommend it to you?

Look up at the winter sky….feels like snow.



    February 10, 2012

    Task inertia…when getting the ball rolling feels like pushing a boulder uphill. Sometimes the momentum builds, but often it’s a long uphill battle. I think for most of us, it’s more about fear of failure than any aversion to hard work. Pursue what you want, even when it means forsaking what you want right now. And good luck.

    Ruth Bresson

    February 11, 2012

    Thank you…….wise words…
    Great juxtaposition of your words – pursuing and forsaking…taking hills while pushing bolders requires both….
    and forces inertia to relinquish its hold…

    Good words….thanks…


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