A fresh and different coaching experience.

A counselor once said to me,”  The life you most want will be:

1. Different than  you expected…

2. Harder than you expected….

3. Better than you expected.”

Two weeks into this coaching paradigm and I agree with her.

These two weeks have begun with a kind of wilderness experience….a forced aloneness; quiet; slow illumination of dark spaces.

I want more than to simply make better decisions.  I want more than to simply respond better in difficult circumstances.  I want more than to simply replace bad habits with good ones.

I want to live one very good, true life….not a perfect one; but not an inauthentic one; not a false one.  A free one.  A true one.

And I need light to do so.

I need to see what the light illuminates and deal with the stuff hidden in corners and closets.

I want to forgive and be forgiven.

I want to trust and be trusted.

I want to offer grace and truth without compromising either.

My counselor was right.

This living true thing is hard work.  As long as I was the only one aware of the mess in my own corners and closet and I held the only key to those spaces, I could manuever around pretty well.

Manuevering and managing just isn’t good enough anymore.

I believe the light bulbs have always been there.  They just needed the switches to be flipped.

Takes some getting used to, though….all this light.

But, isn’t it beautiful?


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